Cirm Decorating Techniques

As a leader in decorating beverage glassware and dinnerware, Cirm proudly offers a wide variety of decorating techniques for our clients. Select a unique glassware decorating technique that works for you or let us guide you in the right direction.

Custom Glassware

Cirm can create custom glasses from initial concept to execution. Using our 3D designers & 3D printers for presentation, imagination can become reality

UV Printing

UV printing is a green, reliable and cost effective way to decorate your glassware. Benefits include strengthening of the glass and dishwasher durability of more than 1000 cycles. UV technology is replacing old methods of printing.

One Color to Multi-Color Screen Printing

Select satin etch for a subtle and economical option, or opt for a full color reproduction of your brand. Cirm’s workmanship and quality is always top notch and true to your brand.

Precious metal banding

For a premium European look, choose rim banding. Cirm uses only pure platinum or 24K gold to band all of our glassware.

Base/Foot Printing

This specialty printing is done on the base or foot of the glassware. Cirm uses decal printing to achieve this unique option.


Nucleation is a unique decorating idea that is both functional and visually beautiful! This technique accelerates carbonation, making your drink more effervescent, releases aromas and flavors, and promotes head retention! The laser etching creates more “bubbles” in your beer by circulating the air in the glass. This allows beer to stay fresher longer. Let Cirm laser etch your logo on the bottom of your beer glass for a great new branding idea and a better beer experience. Go ahead and give this one a try for pennies a glass.

Raised Screen Printing

The ultimate in screen printing technology, this “raised” or “bubble” ink technology is screen printing you can actually touch. By using raised inks, Cirm can turn a simple one color logo into a work of art!

Reverse Printing

This new glassware decorating technique creates a unique way to view your product and your logo.