Cirm Dinnerware Decorating

Cirm offers a wide range of dinnerware decorating services. We offer both lead free color and leaded color depending on the PMS color request. Our services include decal manufacturing, decal decorating, direct screen decorating, hand lining, hand painting, digital printing & heat transfer. We have a full-time graphic design department to assist with your design process. Our dinnerware decorating mainly fits into two processes: In-glaze and on-glaze decorating. See below for examples.

On-glaze decorating

This decorating option is fired at 1500F. This process does not go into the glaze, the decoration is fired sitting on top of the glaze. The advantage is the availability of a wider range of colors. This decorating process offers the ability to hold higher detail in the design.

In-glaze decorating

This decorating process heats the china up to a temperature of 2300F. This softens the glaze allowing the design to sink in when the glaze cools. The decorating is now in the glaze and will not wear off the china. This is the recommended process for the foodservice industry. Colors are more limited but decoration is more durable.